1. A customer wishing to purchase an album chooses an album in Online Store.

2. A customer when purchasing an album should supply all the necessary information. UAB Unseen Pictures confirms that this information will be used exclusively for the ordering and delivery of the album. UAB Unseen Pictures undertakes not to divulge this information to any third party except for its partners carrying out delivery or other service related to the submission or completion of the order of the Customer.

3. Where delivery details are not the same as details of the Buyer, the Buyer should supply all the necessary information.

4. Where a customer, when purchasing the Unseen Lithuania 2009 album, notes that he agrees with automatic registration, he will receive the album without a form of Oak Tree Planting Registration form. The name of the customer will be entered automatically and entered onto the commemorative plaque of the oak grove.

5. The customer can by by credit card or by bank transfer. If payment is successfully completed, the Customer receives order number by email. Any questions – please ring: +370 5 2497925.

6. If Customer information is supplied correctly he will receive album in Lithuania in three days, with delivery free of charge.

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